Les Miserable

by casualH.R.R.

channel. first time i look the player i was impressed when the actor start up the show. i don’t know who is he and what is the actor name, he was so cute and look wise, all of the story made me feel something…since that continusly i feel guilty to my self to lost my spare time for meanless things. the movies title was “Les Miserable” , told about very rich france guy that becaming a mayor in a town in france who filled his life to help many peoples. he had big factory which employed many workers, at his period he was so loyal and fair to everyone especialy to his worker, it was seem from his way to separated male and female workers in order to avoided violence to female workers. the problem in this story when an obsessed policeman came to got the truth about Mayor identity since he looked the Mayor helped an old worker press down a very weigth cart that made fracture the worker’s backbone.the mayor help as a worker way, that was hold on basic of cart and push it up by his back, uncommonly he was looked strong like another male worker.that polliceman paid very close attention to everything about the Mayor and begun an expedition to got the proof. until the time the policeman realized that the Mayor was a prisoner punished to 20 years but had run away from the jail several years ago. the Mayor had falling in love with his own female workers who was fired because knowing that she was a whore. on the day when he had to be arrested he promised to bring the whore’s daughter out with him and protected her after the whore died by her pneumonia. the Mayor decided to hide on the nun’s place and worked as a broom on there for ten years. Time pass, france became very uncontroled by many movement from masses to make a republik country, and when they had to build new life uotside the church the polliceman found them altough they kept it quite. finally the polliceman kill his self and the mayor free likely get out from jail forever.


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